Breaking Boards Breaking Chains 2018 – Kids Helping Kids

Breaking Boards Breaking Chains 2018 – Kids Helping Kids

It is that time again and we are gearing up for the BBBC 2018 fundraiser, taking place on April 21 and April 28! Martial Arts for Justice and Bushido Martial Arts would like to invite and welcome martial arts schools for another great campaign to support the work of International Justice Mission as they lead the oppressed, enslaved, trafficked, and abused out of despair and into a future of hope and freedom.

Please make sure you register your martial arts school for the fundraiser. Each registered school will receive a box of boards, donated by us, Bushido Martial Arts Gear and Supply, as well as a starter pack from Martial Arts for Justice. Please note: This starter pack contains the tools you need to set your school up for success and help you run a smooth event. They will be mailed upon registration.

This year’s message is ‘Kids Helping Kids’ which is incredibly meaningful as we encourage students to help protect and empower kids around the world who feel unsafe and who face extreme cases of violence and abuse on a daily basis. All proceeds will go to the IJM offices that are geared towards saving and protecting child victims from sexual violence, trafficking, and forced labour.


Martial Arts for Justice is a non-profit corporation founded by Master Dean Siminoff, a martial artist and school owner, who decided to take his student oath “ To be champions of freedom and justice” from words to actions.
Started in 2013, Martial Arts for Justice (MAJ) is designed to be an alliance of martial artists and school owners who choose to actively pursue justice, locally and globally. The primary goal of MAJ is to mobilize martial artists and school owners on a global level to fight for victims of violence, and against slavery and human trafficking. In many countries around the world, injustice is the underlying problem that keeps people in poverty and oppression, including an estimated 36 million people who live in slavery. As a united group, we have the capacity to create positive change in our world on a profound level.

For more information, please visit:

Check out the BBBC campaign video (2016) for more insight:

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