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Drako Cardio Kick Pad

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Drako Competition Judo Gi

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Drako Dynamite Kick Shield

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from a dense foam material constructed with engineered leather
  • MULTIPLE HANDLE LOCATIONS: This shield has multiple handles allowing for versatility in shield placement during your workouts
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers

Drako Enlisted Jiu Jitsu Kimono

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Drako Flex PU Shin Instep

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  • PRACTICAL AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The Flex Pu offers an updated and modern look which is eye-catching and fits incredibly well
  • CONSTRUCTED USING ONLY TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: The Drako Flex PU guard is constructed with materials that are durable & designed to last 
  • USE IN A VARIETY OF STYLE OF MARTIAL ARTS: These shin guards are not limited to just 1 certain discipline, but can be used in various full contact styles
  • A SOFT AND FLEXIBLE GUARD: The Flex Pu has a soft liner on the back of the protector that absorbs moisture from the athlete and helps reduce any irritation during use

Drako HW Karate Gi

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Drako ITF Student Uniform

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  • THE MOST PREFERRED SHIELD: This shield is the most preferred shield by instructors
  • VERSATILE FOR STRIKING: The 4 point handle system will accommodate various styles of strikes
  • BUILT TO HANDLE PUNISHMENT: Constructed with high-density foam and reinforced stitching

Drako Light Weight Karate Gi

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Drako Light Weight Pants

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Drako Light Weight Taekwondo Dobok

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Drako Medium Weight Karate Gi

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Drako Poom Do TKD Ribbed Dobok

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Drako Power Gel Combo Kit

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The Drako Power Gel Combo Kit comes in three sizes:

Power Gel Combo Kit Medium: Headgear (M), Shin Instep (M), Gloves (160z)
Power Gel Combo Kit Large: Headgear (L), Shin Instep (L), Gloves (160z)
Power Gel Combo Kit Extra-Large: Headgear (XL), Shin Instep (XL), Gloves (160z)


Drako Pro Leather Kick Pads

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