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Rattan Bo With Skin

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Rubber Kama

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Tonfa Natural Rounded Hardwood

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Drako Kunoichi Training Gloves

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  • PERFECT FOR PAD WORK AND LIGHT SPARRINGH: Strategically designed weighting to optimize drilling with pads and sparring¬†
  • A PRODUCT THAT WILL LAST: Durable outer vinyl that will stand the test of time
  • DEFEND YOUR WRISTS: This elongated Velcro cuff-closure system improves stability for the wrists and forearm to prevent unpredictable injury
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers
Drako Lace Up Boxing Gloves

Drako Lace Up Boxing Gloves

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  • STAND APART WITH THE LACE UP DESIGN: The lace-up wrist design on these gloves will instantly set your gloves apart in the gym
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE OF QUALITY: These gloves are made from high-grade, cowhide leather
  • MOLDED TO FIT YOUR HANDS: Hand-molded pad construction ensures a perfectly snug fit
  • TESTED BY PRO FIGHTERS: The hand compartment has been designed and tested by pro fighters to ensure that these gloves will be the most comfortable pair you can wear.