Adidas Combat 2n1 Bag
Adidas Combat 2n1 Bag ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051--White-gold-1 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051--White-gold-2 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051--White-gold-4 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051--White-gold-5 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051--White-gold-3 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Orange-2 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Orange-3 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Orange-4 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Orange-1 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-white-lime-1 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-white-lime-3 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-solarred-silver-1 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-solarred-silver-5 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-solarred -silver-2 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-solarred-silver-6 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-solarred-silver-4 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-solar red-silver-3 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Gold-3 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Gold-4 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Gold-2 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-Black-Gold-5 ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-White-Lime ADIDAS-COMBAT-2N1-BAG-ADIACC051-white-lime-4
Adidas Combat 2n1 Bag

Shipping Available

  • PERFECT FOR ANY TRAVELING ATHLETE: Convenient and versatile, you can take this bag anywhere with you
  • HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH BACKPACK STYLE AND DUFFLE BAG STYLE: The shoulder straps can easily be hidden or used when wanting to throw the bag on your back rather than carried like a duffle
  • A BAG THAT IS BUILT TO LAST: Durable outer shell with its unique ultra thick zipper will stand the test of time


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After comparing the cost vs. quality of the Adidas Combat 2n1 bag, it prevails at the top of our list. Among our top selling combat bags, the 2n1 is both convenient and versatile. Available in two different sizes (medium & large), it gives athletes freedom of choice tailored to the variable number of gear & accessories that different training styles require. Additionally, you can now find them in an array of colour schemes. The Adidas Combat 2n1 Bag is the perfect fit for any travelling athlete with its limitless attributes and competitive pricing.

Product Details:

  • Perfect for any travelling athlete being convenient and versatile
  • Switch between duffle style and backpack style easily
  • Ultra thick unique zipper
  • Colours available: black/gold, white/gold, white/solar lime, black/orange
  • Sizes available: medium & large


Adidas Combat 2n1 Bag Description:

The materials of the Adidas Combat 2n1 bag remain solid with its durable outer shell and ultra thick zipper. The 2n1 holds strong against abrasions and rips with its high-quality lining throughout the inside and outside of the bag. In addition to the strong material and great look, the shoulder-strap functionality is what grabs the attention of most people when first seeing the Combat Bag. It allows you to switch between duffel style and backpack style with ease, making it convenient for packing a lot of gear. The functionality of this bag is perfect for those travelling regularly in tight spaces.









Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 34 × 34 cm

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