Adidas Molded Single Kick Paddle

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  • LONG LASTING: Strong material constructed from high-grade synthetic 
  • DENSE PROTECTION: The high-density foam offers more shock absorbency than a basic model 
  • A SHAPELY PROFILE: A nice, wide profile ensures enough area for your hardest strikes during training


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The Adidas Molded Single Kick Paddle has an ideal design for practising high and low kicks and multiple strikes. It is constructed from high-grade synthetic over high-density foam with an elastic wristband to ensure a strong, firm hold. This paddle is stronger and denser than the other paddles, with a more shapely profile.


Product Details:

  • High-grade synthetic
  • High-density foam
  • A nice, wide profile
  • Denser than other paddles
  • Available Colour: Black


Adidas Molded Single Kick Paddle Description:

This Adidas kick paddle has a denser core, making it more absorbent on impact than some of Adidas more basic models. It also features a nice, wide profile that is very shapely and favours the striker during training. Furthermore, this target is comfortable to hold with a high-grade synthetic. It can be used individually or paired up to offer multiple striking options and is great for many disciplines.

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