Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves
Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves
Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves

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  • LONG LASTING: Strong material constructed from PVC vinyl
  • EASY SLIP ON TECHNOLOGY: Designed for quick on and off capabilities¬†
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: No more worrying about improper fitting for training
  • DON’T BREAK THE BANK:¬†Uphold quality at competitive pricing
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers.


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The Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves are the perfect choice for those who are new to training with bags and pads. These beginner bag gloves are economical and easy to use.

Product Details:

  • Made from PVC vinyl
  • Easy slip on
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Economical

Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves Description:

The Drako Basic Vinyl Bag Gloves have a PVC construction, which is a durable, yet highly economical. This ensures that they will perform and protect the user while being some of the most competitively priced vinyl bag gloves on the market.

The easy slip on design means that you can train efficiently, especially for workouts that require you to take your gloves on and off between workout activities.

These Drako bag gloves are ideal for anyone seeking kids bag gloves or youth bag gloves because they are easy to use, economical and one-size-fits-all.

These Drako Sports bag gloves are among the best punching bag gloves on the market. Get yours today and start training!

**Please Note: bag gloves are exclusively fitness gloves that are best suited for punching bag workouts. They are therefore not suitable for sparring or fighting due to their minimal padding. For more details about the differences between bad gloves and boxing gloves, please read the section below.

Bag Gloves vs. Boxing Gloves

Bag gloves and boxing gloves are similar yet distinctly different. Boxing gloves are more versatile than bag gloves because you can use them for bag and pad work, sparring, and (depending on the weight) competition. Bag gloves, however, have a more specific purpose. They are exclusively training gloves because their design caters to heavy bags and pads. Bag gloves, lighter and more balanced, make it easier for you to train for longer without suffering from wrist fatigue. While both amateur and professional athletes use bag gloves, most users have additional boxing gloves for sparring and competition.

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Dimensions 29 × 14 × 10 cm


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