Drako Leather Target Gloves
Drako Leather Target Gloves

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  • EASY SLIP ON TECHNOLOGY: Velcro closure system designed for quick on and off capabilities 
  • GREAT COACHING AID: These targets allow the holder to catch and throw strikes while training
  • AUTHENTIC DURABILITY: Strong and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather           


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The look of a boxing glove and functionality of a focus mitt; get the best of both worlds with the Drako Leather Target Gloves. Featuring a unique double velcro closure design, these gloves are meant to fit all types of athletes!

Product Details:

  • Double velcro closure design
  • Great coaching aid
  • Offers the ability to catch and throw punches during drilling
  • Made from cowhide leather
  • Colours Available: Red/Black
  • Sizes Available: One size fits all


Drako ensures that all factories that manufacture their products are ISO approved. This means that the factories meet acceptable, safe, and humane working conditions for labourers.


Drako Leather Target Gloves Description:

These gloves are a great coaching aid and mainly used in boxing or kickboxing disciplines. The unique palm targets allow the holder to catch and throw strikes while training. This is very useful, especially when you have both athletes drilling at the same time. These gloves come as one size fits all and utilizes a velcro closure system.

The Target glove itself is made with genuine cowhide leather which offers great durability against hours of use. One of the best perks to these gloves is they can help reduce the time spent during classes removing and transitioning from mitts to gloves.




Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 17 × 15 cm

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