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Drako 2KO Elite Leather Instep R2

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  • AUTHENTIC DURABILITY: Strong and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather           
  • SLEEK FIT AND PROFILE: The Drako R2’s sleek fit contours wonderfully around the users shins and calves, giving them a protector that feels light and balanced
  • NO SLIP TECHNOLOGY: The R2 Shin guard incorporates a “no slip” fabric on the inside of every protector
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTMANSHIP AND PROTECTION: High-quality thread and stitching is applied to all stress areas to ensure maximum life and durability
drako super PU shin instep

Drako 2KO Super PU Shin Instep

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  • GEL LAYERED CORE FOR PROTECTION: Offering unbelievable complete protection with its gel layered core and durable polyurethane (PU) outer shell
  • DRAKO NO-SLIP LINER PREVENTS SLIPPING AND TWISTING: Utilizing a No-Slip fabric on the back of the shin guard, this protector won’t move on you
  • ATHLETE TESTED AND APPROVED: Drako takes pride in their products and ensures that these shin guards have been tested with athletes of all levels





Drako Classic CE-ST Shin Instep

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  • CLASSIC LOOK WITH MODERN MATERIALS: The Classic CE shin gives you that “old school” vibe that many
  • EXTRA THICK PADDING FOR SAFETY: This layer of protection helps against shock upon contact and disperses the energy away from the user
  • STAND OUT FROM THE REST: Striking colour combinations and design to ensure you will stand out from the crowd

Drako Leather Shin Instep

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  • REAL AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Authentic and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather
  • DETACHABLE INSTEP: The instep portion can be detached to allow the user to train without that extra layer of padding. 
  • HEAVY FRONT PADDING FOR EXTRA PROTECTION: The front shin portion of this protector has a dense layer of injected foam, creating a nice shock absorbing barrier for impact

Drako Magnum L-Shin Instep

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  • REAL AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Authentic and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather
  • EXTRA PADDING ON SHIN AND INSTEP: With an extra layer of foam on the instep and down the shin, you can still safely train hard while preventing injuries
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERY FUNCTIONAL: The Drako Magnum shin guards are a lightweight option to other protectors on the market
  • SOFT INNER LINING: The inner liner is made with soft fabric that helps reduce abrasion and irritation to the athlete

Drako Power Gel Shin Instep

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  • SHOCK ABSORBING GEL TECHNOLOGY: Drako power gel shin insteps offer maximum protection even in the most extreme training conditions
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Even with all the added gel and padding for safety, these shin guards are extremely comfortable to wear
  • STYLISH & APPEALING LOOK: Available in black with contrasting yellow and grey colours combinations, these shin guards are not only functional but also eye-catching
  • BUILT TOUGH TO LAST: The Drako Power gel shin guards are made with 100% cowhide leather

Drako Thunder Shin Insteps

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  • SHOCK ABSORBING PADDING IN KEY AREAS: The Drako Thunder shin guard offers high-density foam padding in the key areas needed the most.
  • HIGH-GRADE SYNTHETIC LEATHER: Outer shell of the Thunder instep is made with the finest synthetic leather materials
  • SUPERIOR FIT AND COMFORT: Laced with a soft and durable fabric that helps reduce irritation
  • EXCELLENT VALUE FOR ALL ATHLETES: Excellent value for the level of quality and functionality
Fairtex Competition Shin Protectors

Fairtex Competition Shin Protectors

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  • DON’T LET YOUR PROTECTION HOLD YOU BACK: Constructed from durable “Syntek” material & high impact foam, never feel scared to put 100% of power into your training
  • BE THE FASTEST: Lightweight and slim fitting without sacrificing protection
  • COMPLY WITH COMPETITION RESTRICTIONS: No metal loop fasteners (adhering to amateur competition restrictions)
  • NO MORE SLIPPAGE: Durable cotton stretch lining prevents slippage and ensures adherence to your shin as much as possible.

Fairtex Thigh Leg Pads

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