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Drako Safety Sparring Combo Kit

The Drako Safety Sparring Combo Kit is perfect if you are looking for the ultimate sparring gear set. With gloves, kicks and a ventilated bag to carry the gear, you cannot go wrong with this ultimate combo! The gloves and kicks are available in black ONLY, while the mesh bag is available in grey ONLY! Available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Drako Intro Boxing Set

The Drako Intro Boxing set is a great “all in one” training package with all the essentials to help you on your way.  What you will find in each set is a pair of 10oz MATT PU training gloves which are perfect for bag and focus mitt training. Speaking of focus mitts, you will also get a great set of speed focus pads, which are durable, light & great for all hand sizes. To help increase your endurance and keep you going in between rounds, we added a 8ft PVC skip rope. Lastly, this set will include a pair of 120” Cotton hand wraps for extra protection and wrist stabilization while drilling.

Drako Single Xtra Thick Mouthguard

  • Senior single size only.
  • Clear. Mouthguard case included.