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Macho Warrior Punches

As part of macho’s signature sparring line, the Warrior punch offers full coverage with double foam padding over the knuckles.

Adidas Semi Contact Gloves

The new and improved ITF semi-contact punches from Adidas features sturdy and hygienic vinyl lining in the interior as well as the

Drako Foam Punches

  • LAYERS OF PROTECTION: 5/8" of high-density foam offers maximum shock absorbency allowing you to feel comfortable during even your hardest punches
  • DOUBLE DIPPED FOR DURABILITY: Double dipped in a durable protective coating for added shock absorption
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIT: Crossover Velcro strap gives ability to secure your fit into position

Adidas WTF Fighter Glove

Adidas WTF fighter gloves come with a quick-dry, moisture absorbing fabric and easily wrap around the hand and fingers making

Macho Dyna Punches

Patented finger grip design accommodates all open and closed hand techniques. This punch features full coverage, double foam padding over


Daedo WT Hand Protectors Details WT and CE approved for all international events Quality construction Comfortable fit WT & CE

Drako 2KO TKD Fighter V-Gloves

  • Made from soft yet durable COTWOOL fabric
  • Elongated Velcro strap for additional support
  • Unisex

Daedo WKF Karate Mitts W Thumb

WKF approved for all international events DAEDO WKF KARATE MITTS w/thumb protector is WKF recognized. They are suitable for all

Drako Vinyl Diamond Punches

  • High-grade vinyl
  • Easy slip-on
  • Ideal for youth and beginners
drako glove

Drako Semi Contact Gloves

  • A PRODUCT THAT WILL LAST: Durable outer vinyl made from high-grade PU material that will stand the test of time
  • DEFEND YOUR WRISTS: This elastic strap with Velcro improves stability for the wrists and forearm to prevent unpredictable injury
  • LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The high density foam offers maximum shock absorbency allowing you to feel comfortable during even your hardest training

Drako Grappling Gloves Vinyl (Chop)

  • High-grade vinyl outer shell
  • Impact absorbing foam core
  • Easy to slip on with Velcro wrist strap

Drako TKD Hand Protectors

  • Open finger design
  • Palm heel padding
  • Mesh vented palm and bar

Drako Xtra Karate Mitts Thumbless

  • LET THE MITTS DO THE WORK: Durable polyurethane outer shell over impact absorbing foam maximizes shock absorption
  • DEFEND YOUR WRISTS: This Velcro wrist closure improves stability for the wrists and guarantees a secure fit
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND COLOUR BELT STUDENTS: A great option for all athlete types

Drako Karate Mitts With Thumb

  • Durable polyurethane outer shell over impact absorbing foam
  • Attached thumb for extra protection
  • Velcro wrist closure for a secure fit

Adidas WKF Fist w Thumb

‘- WKF approved – Official mitt of the World Karate Federation – In compliance with new international rules – Elastic/velcro

Drako Cloth Fist

  • STAY AGILE WHILE PROTECTED: The foam core surrounded with nylon keeps the hands light while protecting your fist
  • IDEAL FOR YOUTH AND BEGINNERS: This makes for a great all-around glove for all athlete types
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers