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Adidas ITF Student Taekwondo Dobok

This ITF approved student dobok is made from a 65/35 poly/cotton ribbed fabric. The crossover jacket has a Velcro fastening,

Adidas Karate K220C Polyvalent Gi

– Designed for polyvalent (dual kata/kumite) use and multi-level training – 60% cotton, 40% polyester fabric – Elastic drawstring waist – Mesh area

Adidas Kata Japanese Kigai Gi

$139.95 $119.90
–  Traditional Japanese cut with short trousers –  Robust 100% cotton  canvas makes snapping sound when executing fast techniques –  WKF approved  

Adidas New Grand Master II Dobok

$99.90 $79.90
Made of 20% Cotton / 80% Polyester. Special fabrics with woven structure and integrated woven adidas logo. Jacket with ‘V-neck’

Adidas Revoflex K190SK Karate Gi

The REVOFLEX kumite uniform was designed for experienced competitors. Made of revolutionary stretchable in one direction fabric which allows powerful,