Adidas 2in1 Camo Bag

  • DURABLE LONG LASTING SORTS BAG: All models are made of highly durable and easy-care materials.
  • GET A WIDE RANGE: Adidas Martial Arts collection come in a wide range of styles and sizes, so not only martial arts will enjoy it.
  • GET TWICE FOR YOUR MONEY:  The 2in1 bag is very practical and can be used as a backpack.

Adidas Body Protector Backpack

ADIACC096: Buckle system on the front to hold a body protector Nylon outside material Polyester/Nylon inside material Zipper opening on the top and front of the bag Printed Adidas logo on the front of the bag Size: 50 x 42 x 15cm
Adidas TR40 Track Suit Jacket

Adidas TR40 Tracksuit Jacket

  • PERFECT FOR ALL ATHLETES, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: The unisex cut on this jacket fits great on all athletes
  • LOOK COHESIVE WITH YOUR TEAM: These jackets instantly make you and your teammates cohesive. Also, they are great for printing your logo onto!
  • LOOK GREAT BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR MATCH: Makes for a great look over a uniform

Adidas TR41 Tracksuit Pants

The new Adidas Club Tracksuit Pants are made with 100% polyester material with a unisex cut. Pants and Jacket Sold

Adidas Padded Rashguard

Padded rash guard made from lightweight and durable polyester material. Ventilation mesh zones on the back and armpits keep you cool

Adidas Padded Shorts

Padded short made from resistant and elasticized polyester light material. Ergonomic shape thanks to close-fit cut and flat-lockstitching, for an

Adidas Community T Shirt

The T-shirt Taekwondo Community Adidas has a simple design, has short sleeves and round neck. It is made of soft

Adidas TKD Speed Wins T-Shirt

The Adidas TKD Speed Wins T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton. The T-Shirt has a nice slim fit making the

Adidas Promo Rash Guards Short Sleeves

Adidas Promo Rash Guards Short Sleeves The Adidas Promo Rash Guards are made with 100% polyester material and is available

Adidas TKD SPP Hoody

Adidas TKD SPP Hoody The Adidas TKD SPP (Speed, Power, Precision) is a zip-up hoody that is slim fitting, therefore

Adidas Impact Supporter with Cup

Made from light breathable cotton and synthetic blend, this protector is ideal to wear while training. Inside cup is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Outside fabric is washable
Adidas Contestant Rio Shoe

Adidas Contestant Rio Shoe

  • NO MORE LACES GETTING IN THE WAY: These shoes are Lace-less with an elasticated sock style ankle support
  • YOUR FEET WILL FEEL REFRESHED: Two-part Triax breathable out sole/mesh sole for maximum air flow 
  • SUPPORT ALL THE WAY THROUGH: Insole with midfoot support and secure heel loop reinforces support around the entire foot

Adidas Adi Kick II Shoe

  • SHORT-LACE FOR A SNUG FIT: Featuring a short-lace design to keep your shoes snug and comfortable without laces getting in your way.
  • STAY AGILE WHILE PROTECTED: An ultra-lightweight design keeps you light on your feet
  • NO MORE SLIPPAGE: These shoes have an excellent rubber sole grip for better traction

Adidas Revoflex K190SK Karate Gi

The REVOFLEX kumite uniform was designed for experienced competitors. Made of revolutionary stretchable in one direction fabric which allows powerful,

Adidas Adi-Start Karate Student Gi

-200 Grams -7oz Poly/Cotton material -Elastic waistband with Adidas woven label on the arm and on the trousers -White belt

Adidas Karate K220C Polyvalent Gi

– Designed for polyvalent (dual kata/kumite) use and multi-level training – 60% cotton, 40% polyester fabric – Elastic drawstring waist – Mesh area

Adidas Kata Japanese Kigai Gi

–  Traditional Japanese cut with short trousers –  Robust 100% cotton  canvas makes snapping sound when executing fast techniques –  WKF approved  

Adidas New Grand Master II Dobok

Made of 20% Cotton / 80% Polyester. Special fabrics with woven structure and integrated woven adidas logo. Jacket with ‘V-neck’

Adidas ITF Black Belt Champion Dobok

This ITF black belt dobok is made from a 65/35 poly/cotton woven fabric. The crossover jacket has Velcro fastening and

Adidas AdiZero Pro TKD Dobok

Made with slightly stretchy 130 gsm polyester, the AdiZero Pro Dobok is ideal for experienced martial artists. The suit is

Adidas Fighter Taekwondo Dobok

With an ultra lightweight design, the Fighter Uniform is purpose built for competition fighting and complies with all WTF regulations

Adidas ITF Instructor Taekwondo Dobok

This ITF approved instructor dobok is made from a 65/35 poly/cotton waffle design fabric. The crossover jacket has Velcro fastening

Adidas Training Military Sack

COMBAT Camo Sack designed for martial arts and combat sports. This sport bag has been developed to satisfy the big