Adidas Vinyl Arm Guards

Made from light breathable cotton and synthetic blend, this protector is ideal to wear while training. Inside cup is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Outside fabric is washable

Macho Dyna Shin Guards

Dyna shin guards are contoured, fitted and made from 5/8” dipped foam for knee-to-ankle coverage, and feature a protective foam

Drako Comp Vinyl Arm Guards

  • CONTOURED FOR A GREAT FIT: Specifically contoured to fit the arms comfortably
  • MINIMIZE SLIPPAGE: Limited slippage due to the extended foam
  • PERFECT FOR HARD TRAINING AND SPARRING: Designed to optimise hard training and sparring situations

Drako Comp Vinyl Shin Guards

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: These shin guards are lightweight, but offer adequate protection and are a very popular training aid for Taekwondo athletes
  • MULTIPLE SIZES TO ENSURE A CORRECT FIT: With sizes ranging from child to Xl, these protectors are able to outfit a wide variety of ages and body styles
  • DOUBLE VELCRO DESIGN: The Drako Comp shin guards are extremely easy to use protectors that utilizes two Velcro straps that wrap around the leg and attach to each other
  • A TOP CHOICE PICK: These shin guards have been a popular choice by instructors and athletes for years

Drako Forearm Guard

  • UPHOLD AGILITY WHILE PROTECTED: This guard is made from lightweight foam surrounded with comfortable nylon
  • BE FULLY PROTECTED: Don't settle for anything less than full arm protection, these guards will keep you safe 
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TRAINING AND SPARRING SCENARIOS: These guards will have you covered no matter what training environment you're in

Drako Fist Forearm Guard

  • DESIGNED FOR PROTECTION & FINGER FREEDOM: The split design at the knuckles is designed to give fist protection while giving the fingers freedom  
  • STAY AGILE WHILE PROTECTED: The foam core keeps the guards light while protecting your fist and arms
  • FULLY PROTECTED: Feel confident in your protection so that your technique doesn't suffer 

Drako Neoprene Lycra Knee Pad

Drako Neoprene Lycra Knee Pad is made from high-quality neoprene with a gel knee insert for comfort and durability. Additionally,

Drako Lady Sports Breast Protector

  • Strong, plastic cups for support and protection
  • Polyester and mesh fabric for comfort and flexibility