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Fairtex Maximized Focus Mitts

  • MORE VERSATILITY IN THE GYM: With an expanded training area of 8.5-inch width, you can get a lot more out of your striking regime 
  • 4 LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The high-density foam offers maximum shock absorbency allowing you to feel your most comfortable 
  • STAY PROTECTED AGAINST ACCIDENTS: Featuring an inner wrist absorption buffer to guard against the inaccurate strikes

Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

  • STAY AGILE WHILE PROTECTED: The ultralight design keeps the mitts light while protecting your palms adequately
  • 3 LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The high-density foam offers maximum shock absorbency allowing you to feel comfortable during even the hardest punches
  • LONG LASTING: Strong material constructed from high-density latex

Drako 2KO Gel Focus Mitts

  • Full Grain leather
  • Dispersed gel technology
  • Dome specifically made to catch punches and remove pain

Drako V1 Mini Speed Mitts

Developed and carefully crafted using the highest grade materials available, the V1 Mini Speed Mitts offer optimal durability & comfort.

Drako Deluxe Leather Focus Mitts

  • 100% Cowhide Leather
  • Reinforced foam for added protection
  • Wider surface area
Drako Curved Leather Focus Mitts

Drako Curved Leather Focus Mitts

  • Velcro closure
  • Foam ball inside the pad for the palm to rest on
  • Cowhide leather

Drako SLB Speed Mitts

  • Lightweight Design
  • Comfortable Soft Inner Liner
  • Durable Synthetic PU Outer Layer
  • Adjustable to Fit Most Hand Sizes
  • Breathable Mesh on Top of the Hand
  • Soft Inner Ball for Grip
Venum Light Focus Mitts
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Venum Light Focus Mitts

  • Semi leather.
  • Ultra lightweight for an improved speed of movement.
  • Curved design for superior taken in hand upgrading comfort and protection.
  • Compact and multi-density foam system for better shock absorption.
  • Venum logo.
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Drako Magnum ST-Gel Focus Mitts

  • Engineered leather construction
  • Breathable mesh on the inside and outside
  • Thick padding for wrist support

Drako Classic Focus Mitts

  • Made from high-grade leather
  • Small & compact size, ideal for speed drilling & precision striking
  • Added cushion to the wrist section

Drako Max Fit Focus Pads

  • Made from high-grade leather
  • Added cushion to the wrist section
  • Interior ball curve design to rest palm in a natural position