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Newest Arrival: Aqua Training Bags

Bushido is proud to announce the newest arrival into its martial arts store: the Aqua Training Bag. This water-filled training bag is taking the fitness and training world by storm. Traditional and heavy work out bags sometimes lead to joint pain on impact, however the Aqua Training Bag offers less pain on impact, more positive...

Hykso FightCamp 2018

Excited to announce Hykso’s FightCamp in 2018! HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: 1. Just select the length, trainer, music, or type of workout you're feeling like doing today 2. Connect your Hykso trackers 3. Get in the best shape of your life Bring boxing in 1 Million homes. No time for the commute? Have to be...

2018 Breaking Boards Breaking Chains

The following is from the Martial Arts for Justice's Breaking Boards Breaking Chains National Fundraiser 2018: Hi Champions of Justice! Here at Martial Arts for Justice (MAJ) we are excited to be gearing up for our 2018 Breaking Boards Breaking Chains (BBBC) national fundraiser and would like to send out a friendly reminder of who...

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