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Drako Mesh Bag W/Soft Liner

  • Extra soft cushioned Liner
  • Breathable fabric
  • Portable and easy to store away
  • Large circumference to carry most sparring gear and equipment
Drako Mesh Bag with String

Drako Mesh Bag with String

  • Mesh fabric with air flow
  • Long tie up lace for securing gear and ease of transport
  • Breathable and washable

Drako Sling Bag with String

  • FIT ALL GEAR LARGE AND SMALL: This bag is built strong and is fit for all types of gear without worrying about abrasions or rips
  • STORE WET OR DAMP ITEMS: Great product for storing wet or damp items after a long training session
  • EASY TO WASH: No need to worry about the cleanliness of this bag as it can be easily washed like the rest of your training materials