Bushido has always been a top Taekwondo shop online for many clubs and athletes providing top quality Taekwondo Gear.  Servicing various styles of Taekwondo,  you will find a full range of non-approved and approved WT and ITF Taekwondo Sparring Gear, from head gear, shin and arm protection and Safety Kicks to name a few. We also carry a large selection of name brand Taekwondo Uniforms and Taekwondo Shoes eg. Drako Sports, Daedo and Adidas.

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Iron Man E-Trunk Protector

Iron Man E-Trunk Protector Electronic Trunk Protector made from the inspiration of the Iron Man armour. The trunk is integrated with a newly patented electronic system with various functions. Core device of the trunk, the "Iron Man Reactor", displays score points with light as the system sensor recognizes the blows and hits on the trunk. This Iron Man Arc Reactor can be detached from the trunk and is rechargeable with the use of a micro USB cable. The impact level for point recognition is adjustable to suit the differences of hitting strength by different ages. Ergonomic designs with vertical slits at the interior to ensure the best fit and adjustment to the body. Very resistant and lightweight.


Outstanding performance The Daedo WT Ultra Dobok is the pinnacle of competition uniforms, combining comfort and performance all in one.

Daedo Foam Kicking Shield

Daedo Foam Kicking Shield Composition: Strong Sponge and PVC Color: Red & Black Size: M & L

Drako Ultra Light PRO Dobok

  • STAY AGILE: Ultra lightweight design keeps your movement quick and flexible during training
  • LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE: Using moisture-wicking technology, this dobok absorbs your sweat and keeps you dry
  • KEEP COOL WITH MAXIMUM AIRFLOW: Ventilation under the arms, rear, and neck area promotes airflow

Drako Ultra Light Student Dobok

Competition uniforms have come a long way over years and it’s evident in the Drako Ultra Light Student Dobok. This
Adidas Contestant Rio Shoe

Adidas Contestant Rio Shoe

  • NO MORE LACES GETTING IN THE WAY: These shoes are Lace-less with an elasticated sock style ankle support
  • YOUR FEET WILL FEEL REFRESHED: Two-part Triax breathable out sole/mesh sole for maximum air flow 
  • SUPPORT ALL THE WAY THROUGH: Insole with midfoot support and secure heel loop reinforces support around the entire foot

Adidas SM II Shoe

The classic SM II is the ideal indoor training shoe. Made from real leather this shoe sports a lace closing