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DAEDO WKF ULTRA KUMITE GI is the pinnacle of competition uniforms, combining comfort and performance all in one. The 100%

Adidas Kata Japanese Kigai Gi

–  Traditional Japanese cut with short trousers –  Robust 100% cotton  canvas makes snapping sound when executing fast techniques –  WKF approved  

Adidas Revoflex K190SK Karate Gi

The REVOFLEX kumite uniform was designed for experienced competitors. Made of revolutionary stretchable in one direction fabric which allows powerful,

Daedo WKF Shodan Karate Uniform

Daedo WKF Shodan Karate Uniform Made of high quality tergal. Modern cut, elegant with a long jacket and long cuts on both sides. Very lightweight, ideal for training. Recommended for beginners and Kumite competitors. Composition: 100% Tergal Color: White Size: 0-5

Daedo WT Basic Dobok

Daedo WT Basic Dobok If your child is interested in starting taekwondo classes, we recommend this simple dobok with which