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Adidas Contestant Rio Shoe

Adidas Contestant Rio Shoe

  • NO MORE LACES GETTING IN THE WAY: These shoes are Lace-less with an elasticated sock style ankle support
  • YOUR FEET WILL FEEL REFRESHED: Two-part Triax breathable out sole/mesh sole for maximum air flow 
  • SUPPORT ALL THE WAY THROUGH: Insole with midfoot support and secure heel loop reinforces support around the entire foot

Adidas Kata Japanese Kigai Gi

–  Traditional Japanese cut with short trousers –  Robust 100% cotton  canvas makes snapping sound when executing fast techniques –  WKF approved  

Adidas Elite Karate K380E Gi

Designed for competitions and training, this WKF approved uniform has webbing and snapping cotton. It has exceptional strength, long sleeves and fitted

Adidas Revoflex K190SK Karate Gi

The REVOFLEX kumite uniform was designed for experienced competitors. Made of revolutionary stretchable in one direction fabric which allows powerful,

Adidas WKF Chestguard

Made from light breathable cotton and synthetic blend, this protector is ideal to wear while training. Inside cup is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Outside fabric is washable

Adidas Adi-Lux Taekwondo Shoes

Adidas ADI-LUXE shoes are designed for multi-purpose indoor sports use. Built for comfort and maximum durability, this shoe is made

Adidas AdiZero Pro TKD Dobok

Made with slightly stretchy 130 gsm polyester, the AdiZero Pro Dobok is ideal for experienced martial artists. The suit is

Adidas Super Safety Kicks

The new and improved ITF safety kicks from Adidas features sturdy and hygienic vinyl lining in the interior as well as

Adidas Semi Contact Gloves

The new and improved ITF semi-contact punches from Adidas features sturdy and hygienic vinyl lining in the interior as well as the

Adidas Fighter Taekwondo Dobok

With an ultra lightweight design, the Fighter Uniform is purpose built for competition fighting and complies with all WTF regulations

Adidas WTF Fighter Glove

Adidas WTF fighter gloves come with a quick-dry, moisture absorbing fabric and easily wrap around the hand and fingers making

Adidas Vinyl Shin Instep Guards

This WTF recognized shin instep protector absorbs shock and disperses impact using five layers of high density foam protection covered