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Adidas TR40 Track Suit Jacket

Adidas TR40 Tracksuit Jacket

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  • PERFECT FOR ALL ATHLETES, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: The unisex cut on this jacket fits great on all athletes
  • LOOK COHESIVE WITH YOUR TEAM: These jackets instantly make you and your teammates cohesive. Also, they are great for printing your logo onto!
  • LOOK GREAT BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR MATCH: Makes for a great look over a uniform


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  • The latest design from Daedo

The DAEDO SLIM FIT TRACKSUIT is the newest design created by Daedo and can be worn for training or casual purposes. The tracksuit was developed to combine comfort and functionality while delivering a great sense of style. The tapered fit compliments the individual nicely, while still leaving lots of room for other clothing to be worn underneath.

  • 100% polyester knitted fabric

These Slim fit tracksuits are made with a soft flexible 100% polyester material. This material is very breathable and helps to pull moisture away from the body. It’s the perfect tracksuit for training in or out of the gym.

  • Sold as a complete set

The Daedo Slim Fit tracksuit is sold with a jacket and pants, as a set.

  • Superior construction and quality

Daedo utilizes their decades of knowledge in the manufacturing of Martial Arts equipment & is evident in this particular item. The stitching used throughout this tracksuit is strong and the 100% polyester fabric used is top quality. The pockets and zippers are very nice and durable.

  • Perfect for team apparel

Available in many size options and colour schemes, the Daedo Slim fit tracksuit would is a perfect choice to outfit any team or organization.


Drako Combat Tracksuit

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