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Red Oak
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Bokken Wood 40 Inch

A bokken is a Japanese wooden sword used for training and is usually the size and shape of a katana.

Butterfly Sword

Butterfly Sword The butterfly swords are a pair of single-edged swords that has a small cross guard which protects the

Flex Foam Sword

Length and weight are made to mimic real swords, but the “blade” is cushioned with foam. 38.5″ sword has 10″

Foam Bokken

Great for training purposes and minor combat. The inner PVC blade is covered with soft foam. 40” in length with

Gorkha Sword Kukri PP Machete

Gorkha Sword Kukri PP Machete The kukri is a Nepalese weapon known for is inwardly curved blade and notches at

Katana Dull Black

Historically, katanas were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords that were worn by the Samurai class in feudal Japan,

Katana Sword PP

With its durable plastic construction, this practice Katana is versatile and can take a ton of abuse. It features a

Kung Fu Sword PP

Made with a durable hard plastic, the Kung Fu sword can be safely used during training. Solid black colour and