Posted by marketing | June 18, 2019
Bushido Tip of the Week
Posted by marketing | June 17, 2019
Bushido Pick of the Week

FAIRTEX MAXIMIZED FOCUS MITTS FXFMV13 Large target area A really nice feature is that they have a newly expanded surface area with an 8.5-inch width. This allows for a larger...

Posted by marketing | June 12, 2019
Karate 1-Series A

The Best of the Best our headed Canada’s way!! Montreal will be welcoming in June the world’s best karatekas who will face off for important Olympic qualification ranking points towards...

Posted by marketing | June 11, 2019
Bushido Tip of the Week
Posted by marketing | June 10, 2019
Bushido Pick of the Week

ADIDAS LARGE STRIKING PAD ADITSPD01 Multiple handles for a variety of use The Adidas striking shield is very unique as it has 3 grip bars, and 2 arm loops, on...

Posted by marketing | June 5, 2019
BE KIND TO YOUR MIND Asics published a very helpful article about mentally preparing for a competition. During training, you must pay close attention to how you protect your brain from the outside. It...

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Bushido Tip of the Week

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Bushido Pick of the Week – DRAKO COMP ARM & ELBOW GUARD DKSA25

- Full arm & elbow protectionThese arm guards are perfect for anyone looking for a protector that covers the full length of the arm and elbow. These are also a...

Posted by marketing | May 29, 2019
Canada Karate Open

June is a busy month for Karate in Canada, with some major tournaments of note happening within our great country. First up we have the 2019 Canada Open, hosted by...

Posted by marketing | May 22, 2019
Bushido Pick of the Week

Drako 2Ko Gel Focus Mitts take protection and safety to a whole new level. High-density foam combined with an extra layer of gel padding for added shock absorbency offers a...

Posted by Iankar | February 13, 2019
Athlete Spotlight – Josipa Kafadar

Just as the sport of martial arts would be lifeless without its athletes, fight gear can only serve as efficiently as its owner demands it to. The equipment you wear...

Posted by Iankar | February 6, 2019

We had an exciting end to our 2018 here at Bushido, as we embarked on our fresh start in a new home! As some of you might already know, our...

Posted by Iankar | January 23, 2019
Nationals 2019

Gatineau, Quebec (home to the 2019 National Karate Championships) is a VERY COLD place. With temperatures that will turn anyone toes into popsicles, it’s no wonder their warm-gooey poutine is...

Posted by Iankar | January 16, 2019
Taekwondo Canada – Quebec City 2019

This past week, we had the pleasure of attending the Taekwondo Canada National Championships in Quebec City. More than 425 of the best taekwondo athletes battled to determine the kings...

Posted by Iankar | January 8, 2019
Healing Trauma through Martial Arts

It is our pleasure to announce that one of our product partners, “Drako”, has successfully made a tangible impact on roughly 20,000 genocide widows in Rwanda who have fallen victim...