Different types of hand wraps are best suited to different types of activities and training. Cotton wrap are great for frequent training. Mexican wraps are similar to cotton wraps, but are woven with elastic fibers to fit to the hand. Gauze and tape are good for competitions. With our assortment of different types, lengths and colours of hand wraps, we’ve got you covered!

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Drako 2KO Gel Wraps

Drako 2KO Gel Wraps

  • ADDED KNUCKLE PROTECTION: A gel addition to the knuckles offers further protection than your average wraps
  • MATERIAL THAT CAN STRETCH WITH YOU: 100% cotton with elastic qualities makes for easy movement and flexibility
  • VELCRO CLOSURE FOR QUICK ON AND OFF: Featuring a wrist closure for added support & quick application, very useful for hand wrap purposes
  • DEFINE YOUR STYLE WITH COLOUR: Available in a variety of colours, these hand wraps will define your look

Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps 100″

Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps 100" -100” Cotton stretchy size hand wraps -Black only colour -Perfect for youth or smaller athletes -Sold as a pair

Shaka Handwraps Mexican Style

Designed extra long (180 inches) to allow you maximum coverage and made from 100% cotton with elastic qualities to allow

Gauze Roll 120″

Gauze Roll 120″ Traditional gauze roll – typically used for taping hands for competition in boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing.