As a top choice Karate Equipment Store for decades, Bushido has provided some of the best Karate Gear in Canada. You can find everything you need at Bushido from a Karate Gi, Karate Shoes and all your WKF approved Karate equipment for competition. We also provide a huge selection of Traditional Karate Training Equipment such as targets and apparel.

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Adidas Kata Japanese Kigai Gi

–  Traditional Japanese cut with short trousers –  Robust 100% cotton  canvas makes snapping sound when executing fast techniques –  WKF approved  

Adidas Revoflex K190SK Karate Gi

The REVOFLEX kumite uniform was designed for experienced competitors. Made of revolutionary stretchable in one direction fabric which allows powerful,


Outstanding performance The DAEDO WKF ULTRA KUMITE GI is the pinnacle of competition uniforms, combining comfort and performance all in

Daedo Foam Kicking Shield

Daedo Foam Kicking Shield Composition: Strong Sponge and PVC Color: Red & Black Size: M & L

Drako HW Karate Gi

  • Jacket style top and tie up waist
  • Made from 100% canvas brushed cotton
  • 12oz heavyweight fabric

Drako Ultra Light Kumite Gi

  • STAY AGILE: Ultra lightweight design keeps your movement quick and flexible during training
  • LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE: Using moisture-wicking technology, this dobok absorbs your sweat and keeps you dry
  • KEEP COOL WITH MAXIMUM AIRFLOW: Ventilation under the arms, rear, and neck area promotes airflow

Adidas Elite Karate K380E Gi

Designed for competitions and training, this WKF approved uniform has webbing and snapping cotton. It has exceptional strength, long sleeves and fitted


Versatile sport bag The DAEDO ALL IN ONE SPORTS BAG is an extremely versatile bag that can hold a wide