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Bahi Round Stick 30IN

  • Made from the heart of the palm tree
  • Porous material making it less prone to shattering
  • 29” long
  • Stained finish
  • Heavier than most Escrima

Deluxe Escrima Padded Foam Stick

Inner rattan core with a high density foam padding covering. The deluxe foam escrima is great for training and combat

Escrima Red Stick

26” lady bug design escrima which is perfect for demo teams and self defense training.

Escrima Foam Stick

Traditional martial arts of the Philippines use a 25-28” rattan stick to replicate a sword. These foam versions offer the

Arnis Stick Military 29IN

  • Made with Rattan wood
  • Light weight for fast attacks
  • Durable on impact
  • 29” length
  • Military camo burnt design

Escrima Rattan Philippines Stick

Escrima Burnt design. – 28” in length – sold individually.