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Fairtex Extra Thick Curved Thai Pads

Made from premium cow hide leather (more durable than buffalo leather used in standard pads) the Fairtex Curved Thai Pad

Fairtex Standard Curved Thai Pads

  • THE "DO IT ALL PAD": Combining all features like padding, length, curvature, and comfort into one lightweight pad
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Elongated straps designed to fit all types of trainers
  • WORKOUT LONGER: Increased stamina in long workouts due to lightweight design
  • AUTHENTIC DURABILITY: Strong and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather

Drako Urban Jungle Thai Pads (PR)

Drako Urban Jungle Thai Pads are a more compact version of our other series of pads we carry. They are

Drako Cardio Kick Pad

Drako Cardio Kick Pad is made from high-quality SuperTech Syn Leather and features an eye-catching red and white colour combination!