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Iron Man E-Trunk Protector

Iron Man E-Trunk Protector Electronic Trunk Protector made from the inspiration of the Iron Man armour. The trunk is integrated with a newly patented electronic system with various functions. Core device of the trunk, the "Iron Man Reactor", displays score points with light as the system sensor recognizes the blows and hits on the trunk. This Iron Man Arc Reactor can be detached from the trunk and is rechargeable with the use of a micro USB cable. The impact level for point recognition is adjustable to suit the differences of hitting strength by different ages. Ergonomic designs with vertical slits at the interior to ensure the best fit and adjustment to the body. Very resistant and lightweight.


Lightweight and absorbent The DAEDO WT CHESTGUARD (Hogu), is lightweight in construction, but very resilient to shock.  Perfect for competitive

Macho Sport Chestguard

Ultra lightweight with excellent mobility and designed by Christine Bannon-Rodrigues (9-time Martial Arts World Champion) this chestguard gives shock resistance

Adidas WKF Chestguard

Made from light breathable cotton and synthetic blend, this protector is ideal to wear while training. Inside cup is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Outside fabric is washable

Drako 2KO TKD V-Chestguard

  • Reversible blue and red sides
  • Made from Thermofibre composite PU
  • Bunge straps on the back provide stretch for comfort

Drako Zipper Chestguard

  • DURABLE OUTER LAYER, STRONG ABSORBER OF IMPACT: High-grade vinyl covering high-density foam makes this one of the strongest chest guards out there
  • EASY ON AND OFF: Zipper system with Velcro closure and elastic back makes for easy on and off capabilities
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers

Drako Combat Sports Chestguard

  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM CORE MASKS IMPACT: Foam core with soft inner lining and sturdy exterior support disperses impact to allow you to focus on training
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE: A back strap with a lower connector for easy accessibility is available for quick on and off
  • BE FULLY PROTECTED: The full mid-section protection guarantees this product to be ideal for hard impact training

Drako TKD Full Shoulder Tie Up Chestguard

The Drako TKD Full Shoulder Tie Up Chestguard is made with a multilayer, multiple density foam. Additionally, the outer casing

Drako Lady Sports Breast Protector

  • Strong, plastic cups for support and protection
  • Polyester and mesh fabric for comfort and flexibility