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Adidas WKF Chestguard

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Made from light breathable cotton and synthetic blend, this protector is ideal to wear while training. Inside cup is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Outside fabric is washable

Adidas WTF TKD Chestguard

Adidas WTF TKD Chestguard

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  • STITCHING THAT WILL LAST: High-quality stitching that will keep this product in good shape for longer
  • NO ABRASIONS: Abrasion-resistant materials used in construction
  • LET THE FOAM CORE TAKE THE IMPACT: Added foam core with extra shock-absorbancy 


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Drako Combat Sports Chestguard

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  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM CORE MASKS IMPACT: Foam core with soft inner lining and sturdy exterior support disperses impact to allow you to focus on training
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE: A back strap with a lower connector for easy accessibility is available for quick on and off
  • BE FULLY PROTECTED: The full mid-section protection guarantees this product to be ideal for hard impact training

Drako Lady Sports Breast Protector

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  • STAY PROTECTED, STAY FOCUSED: These protectors won’t get in your way when you’re focusing on technique during training 
  • BUILT STRONG AND REINFORCED: Made from strong, plastic cups for support and protection against injury
  • COMFORT THAT WILL MOVE WITH YOU: The polyester and mesh fabric will move with you in order to guarantee comfort and flexibility

Drako Zipper Chestguard

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  • DURABLE OUTER LAYER, STRONG ABSORBER OF IMPACT: High-grade vinyl covering high-density foam makes this one of the strongest chest guards out there
  • EASY ON AND OFF: Zipper system with Velcro closure and elastic back makes for easy on and off capabilities
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers

Macho Sport Chestguard

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