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Fairtex Extra Vision Full Headgear

The Fairtex Extra Vision Headgear is made from the same high quality leather and utilizing a high density foam core

Fairtex New Full Face Headguard

Wide vision for a diagonal view eliminating blind spots. Reinforced metal plate inside nose & mouth cover. Reinforced cheek and

Fairtex Super Sparring Headgear

With comprehensive coverage to help prevent ear, neck and chin injury, this headgear has more padding on the forehead, cheek

Fairtex Full Coverage Headgear

The most sought after headgear from Fairtex. Featuring comprehensive coverage to help prevent injury with ear, cheek and chin protection,
Drako NRX NEU Leather Headgear

Drako NRX NEU Leather Headgear

  • Full-grain leather design
  • Antibacterial lining
  • Odour control fabric
black silver

Sting Armaplus Full Face Head Gear

  • SLV3 outer skin for durability and performance
  • Anatomically designed full face cover for maximum protection and minimal slip
  • High profile protective padding on brow, cheek, temple and chin
  • Designed to allow maximum vision
  • Fast fit hook and loop adjustment system

Drako Leather Training Boxing Headgear

  • 100% cowhide leather
  • Shock absorbing foam core
  • Fully adjustable

Drako Magnum Training Boxing Headgear

  • Authentic leather construction
  • Extra thick cheek protection
  • Sporting the unique Drako Shield

Drako Burst V2 Boxing Headgear

  • Shock absorbing inner core
  • Soft inner lining
  • Thick ear and cheek protection

Drako Vinyl Training Boxing Headgear

  • Durable vinyl outer layer
  • Shock absorbing foam core
  • Fully adjustable