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Drako Straight Body Shield

  • EXCELLENT FOR BEGINNERS: This shield is easy to use with great protection, perfect for beginners
  • THICK WHILE LIGHTWEIGHT: Even though it might look thick, this shield is lightweight, making it perfect for long training sessions
  • STRONG INSIDE AND OUT: Engineered leather fabric covers the high-density foam on the inside
Drako F1 Alpha Head Gear
Swatch image Black/Gold
Swatch image Black/Red

Drako F1 Alpha Head Gear

  • Soft inner lining, helps wick sweat away from eyes
  • Chin and Cheek full face protection
  • Velcro closure for secure fit
  • Excellent vision

Arnis Stick Spiral 29IN

  • Made with 100% Rattan
  • Smooth Spiral burn design
  • 29” length
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Made in the Philippines

Arnis Stick Military 29IN

  • Made with Rattan wood
  • Light weight for fast attacks
  • Durable on impact
  • 29” length
  • Military camo burnt design