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Traditional martial arts of the Philippines and South East Asia use a stick to replicate a steel sword or bolo. This stick is made from Bahi, a type of wood made from the heart of a palm tree. In weight and density, it is similar to hard wood, but is made of a porous material, which tends to slightly dent on impact, making it less prone to shattering than solid woods. The properties of Bahi make the sticks strong enough for harder impact and heavier for resistance training purposes, making these a favorite for partner and solo training (most practitioners will have both rattan and bahi in their bags, so they can vary weights for training purposes). Bahi also has a beautiful grain pattern which looks unlike other woods. In training, these are dense, so caution must be exercised when training against partners with rattan or hard wood sticks. 29” Long, approx. 7/8” diameter. Sold Singly.

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