Daedo Double Kick Paddle

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New design with a larger striking area

DAEDO DOUBLE KICK PADDLE has redesigned their popular kicking target with a slightly larger target area. This allows for a wider range of dynamic  & high impact kicks.

Thick inner foam core

The inner core of the target has thick, shock-absorbing, foam padding. The foam is also soft to impact, helping to reduce any injuries and shock to the athlete striking it.

Durable PU outer shell

The outer shell is made with a very durable PU cover and is tough against scratches and abrasion.

Great sounding clap

The Daedo double kick paddle has a great “clap” sound after struck. A very popular feature people look for in a paddle for sure.

Suited for ages 12 and up

Suited for ages 12 and older, the handle or spine, of this kick paddle is very sturdy & has a very good thickness to it. Even though the handle is thicker for some of the younger students, we still feel most users will be able to grasp and hold this securely.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 29 × 7 cm

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