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Daedo ADJ Standup Bag 140-165

Daedo ADJ Standup Bag 140-165 Hard plastic base to be filled with water Adjustable to different heights of 140-165 cm

Daedo Standup Bag

Daedo Standup Bag Based hard plastic to be filled with water Fixed Height: 174 cm

Versys V-SPAR 1 Training Bag

Dimensions: Bag: 11” Diameter x 48″ Tall Base: 14” Diameter Approx. 40 Llbs. Benefits and Features: -Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl

Versys VS-1 Training Bag

The Versys VS-1 Training Bagis a revolutionary fight simulator made for every type of athlete. Its durable vinyl construction includes

Versys VS-2 Grappling Dummy Bag

Dimensions 45.5″ Tall (legs together) or 44.2″ (legs apart – during use) Approx. 50 lbs. Benefits and Features -Beginning and

Versys VS-3 Leg Fight Simulator

The Versys VS.3 gives the martial arts athlete the most realistic training experience outside of live sparring, whether training alone

Wavemaster 2XL Pro

An advanced integrated locking mechanism secures  the bag in place to stand up to the hardest strikes and features a

Wavemaster Bob with Shorts & Base

Ideal for realistic training, Long torso creates more striking surface area for body shot training as well as kicks. Measures

Wavemaster Kid Kick

The Kid Kick Wavemaster is the perfect size for young martial artists. Each bag features four height adjustments and a

Wavemaster Original

This bag holds approx. 270 lbs of water in its base, but may also be filled with sand. Heavy duty

Wavemaster Powerline

Constructed for consistent heavy use, this wavemaster powerline can hold APPROX. 270 LBS when filled with water. Seven height adjustments

Wavemaster Taekwondo Bag

Perfect shape for the TKD practitioner with target zones on each side, one red and one blue. Vinyl covers high