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Drako 2KO Elite Leather Instep R2

  • AUTHENTIC DURABILITY: Strong and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather           
  • SLEEK FIT AND PROFILE: The Drako R2’s sleek fit contours wonderfully around the users shins and calves, giving them a protector that feels light and balanced
  • NO SLIP TECHNOLOGY: The R2 Shin guard incorporates a “no slip” fabric on the inside of every protector
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTMANSHIP AND PROTECTION: High-quality thread and stitching is applied to all stress areas to ensure maximum life and durability

Drako 2KO Super PU Shin Instep

  • GEL LAYERED CORE FOR PROTECTION: Offering unbelievable complete protection with its gel layered core and durable polyurethane (PU) outer shell
  • DRAKO NO-SLIP LINER PREVENTS SLIPPING AND TWISTING: Utilizing a No-Slip fabric on the back of the shin guard, this protector won't move on you
  • ATHLETE TESTED AND APPROVED: Drako takes pride in their products and ensures that these shin guards have been tested with athletes of all levels
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  • THE LATEST DESIGN: The DAEDO SLIM FIT TRACKSUIT is the newest design created by Daedo and can be worn for training or casual purposes. 
  • BEAUTIFUL FABRICS:  Made with breathable soft flexible 100% polyester material. 
  • COMPLETE SET: Sold with a jacket and pants, as a set.
  • SUPER CONSTRUCTION & QUALITY: Daedo utilizes their decades of knowledge in the manufacturing of Martial Arts equipment & is evident in this particular item.
Drako F1 Alpha Shin Instep
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Drako F1 Alpha Shin Instep

  • Light weight construction
  • Excellent instep and shin padding
  • Stylish and sleek aesthetics
  • Various size options
  • Price conscience option

Macho Sport Chestguard

Macho Sport Chestguard Ultra lightweight with excellent mobility and designed by Christine Bannon-Rodrigues (9-time Martial Arts World Champion) this chestguard

Drako MMA Training Gloves

  • UP YOUR PROTECTION: Thick padding in the knuckle area for added protection against injury
  • REAL AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Authentic and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather
  • DEFEND YOUR WRISTS: This Velcro cuff-closure system improves stability for the wrists to prevent unpredictable injury
  • GREAT AIRFLOW AND FLEXIBILITY: Open palm design allows for natural cooling and ability for movement for your hands

Daedo Slim Fit Jacket Karate

Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10% Color: Navy Blue Size: XS - XXL No embroidery on the back
Daedo Slim Fit Jacket Taekwondo

Daedo Slim Fit Jacket Taekwondo

Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10% Color: Navy Blue Size: XS - XXL No embroidery on the back

Drako Zipper Chestguard

  • DURABLE OUTER LAYER, STRONG ABSORBER OF IMPACT: High-grade vinyl covering high-density foam makes this one of the strongest chest guards out there
  • EASY ON AND OFF: Zipper system with Velcro closure and elastic back makes for easy on and off capabilities
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers

Drako Wristwrap Grappling Gloves

  • NO NEED FOR WRIST WRAPS: This wrist closure system acts as its own wrist wrap
  • ADDED PROTECTION FOR YOUR KNUCKLES: Extra foam padding offering extra knuckle protection that you won't find on other gloves
  • REAL AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Authentic and long-lasting material constructed from high-quality leather

Drako Flex PU Shin Instep

  • High-grade PU (polyurethane) material
  • Flexible front padding
  • Full foot protection

Drako Karate Shin Insteps

  • Elastic and velcro fastening for a secure fit
  • High friction areas reinforced with leather
  • Removable instep option