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Drako Safety Sparring Combo Kit

The Drako Safety Sparring Combo Kit is perfect if you are looking for the ultimate sparring gear set. With gloves, kicks and a ventilated bag to carry the gear, you cannot go wrong with this ultimate combo! The gloves and kicks are available in black ONLY, while the mesh bag is available in grey ONLY! Available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Drako 2KO Elite Leather Instep R2

  • AUTHENTIC DURABILITY: Strong and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather           
  • SLEEK FIT AND PROFILE: The Drako R2’s sleek fit contours wonderfully around the users shins and calves, giving them a protector that feels light and balanced
  • NO SLIP TECHNOLOGY: The R2 Shin guard incorporates a “no slip” fabric on the inside of every protector
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTMANSHIP AND PROTECTION: High-quality thread and stitching is applied to all stress areas to ensure maximum life and durability


  • THE LATEST DESIGN: The DAEDO SLIM FIT TRACKSUIT is the newest design created by Daedo and can be worn for training or casual purposes. 
  • BEAUTIFUL FABRICS:  Made with breathable soft flexible 100% polyester material. 
  • COMPLETE SET: Sold with a jacket and pants, as a set.
  • SUPER CONSTRUCTION & QUALITY: Daedo utilizes their decades of knowledge in the manufacturing of Martial Arts equipment & is evident in this particular item.

Drako F1 Alpha Shin Instep

  • Light weight construction
  • Excellent instep and shin padding
  • Stylish and sleek aesthetics
  • Various size options
  • Price conscience option

Drako 2KO Super PU Shin Instep

  • GEL LAYERED CORE FOR PROTECTION: Offering unbelievable complete protection with its gel layered core and durable polyurethane (PU) outer shell
  • DRAKO NO-SLIP LINER PREVENTS SLIPPING AND TWISTING: Utilizing a No-Slip fabric on the back of the shin guard, this protector won't move on you
  • ATHLETE TESTED AND APPROVED: Drako takes pride in their products and ensures that these shin guards have been tested with athletes of all levels

Macho Sport Chestguard

Ultra lightweight with excellent mobility and designed by Christine Bannon-Rodrigues (9-time Martial Arts World Champion) this chestguard gives shock resistance

Adidas WTF TKD Chestguard

  • STITCHING THAT WILL LAST: High-quality stitching that will keep this product in good shape for longer
  • NO ABRASIONS: Abrasion-resistant materials used in construction
  • LET THE FOAM CORE TAKE THE IMPACT: Added foam core with extra shock-absorbancy 

Daedo Slim Fit Jacket Karate

Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10% Color: Navy Blue Size: XS - XXL No embroidery on the back

Daedo Slim Fit Jacket Taekwondo

Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10% Color: Navy Blue Size: XS - XXL No embroidery on the back

Drako Zipper Chestguard

  • DURABLE OUTER LAYER, STRONG ABSORBER OF IMPACT: High-grade vinyl covering high-density foam makes this one of the strongest chest guards out there
  • EASY ON AND OFF: Zipper system with Velcro closure and elastic back makes for easy on and off capabilities
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers

Drako 2KO TKD V-Chestguard

  • Reversible blue and red sides
  • Made from Thermofibre composite PU
  • Bunge straps on the back provide stretch for comfort

Drako MMA Training Gloves

  • UP YOUR PROTECTION: Thick padding in the knuckle area for added protection against injury
  • REAL AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Authentic and long-lasting material constructed from 100% cowhide leather
  • DEFEND YOUR WRISTS: This Velcro cuff-closure system improves stability for the wrists to prevent unpredictable injury
  • GREAT AIRFLOW AND FLEXIBILITY: Open palm design allows for natural cooling and ability for movement for your hands