Athletes in Action

At the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics was one of our sponsored organizations, Athletes in Action, whose focus is to help athletes experience a victory beyond competition at the intersection of faith and sport. Through this, AIA Life Coach, Jarret Wall, was invited to Team Nogueira in Rio De Janeiro by the legendary “Minotauro” Nogueira to run wrestling practice and to speak about Athletes in Action to the over forty pro fighters who were present for a training camp. 2012 Olympian for Team Canada Wrestling, Khetag Pliev, was overjoyed to have some Canadians join the training camp and to teach principles of wrestling, faith and life. Pliev now trains full-time at Team Nogueira as he pursues his MMA career.

“Minotauro emphasized how important it is to be a total athlete in order to be the best you can be – not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. He made clear that ‘God needs to be first’.” recounted Wall. “What I found to be most inspiring was the intensity and focus that these guys train with. No messing around, it’s all business here. I can see why they are so good, there are training partners here from all over South and Central America. You know you will be on your best game when you train next to a guy like Toquinho.”

Wall concluded with a shout out: “Thank you to Bushido for helping support Athletes in Action in Canada and overseas. Not only was it a privilege to be able to support and develop these MMA fighters in Brazil, but our ongoing programs to Olympic athletes in Rio and other Olympics Games wouldn’t happen without your partnership”.