Breaking Boards Breaking Chains with Martial Arts for Justice

Everyone is busy. School owners, instructors, students, parents, but everyone wants to make a difference. We sure do. Here at Bushido, we’ve teamed up with Martial Arts for Justice because we’ve believed it is important to create a community of Champions of Freedom and Justice. We want to facilitate connecting schools as well as individuals who want to be a part of creating a solution and building a better world.

So what comes in the way of our good intentions of, “being the change we want to see in the world?” Life! Right?! Often times we can end up feeling overwhelmed or that we don’t have the time or resources we wish we could dedicate towards our new act of global citizenship. If any of this resonates with you, that’s where MAJ comes in. MAJ has created a simple system to take away these obstacles. We want to make it easy for you to be a part of our community. Really, what we want to do is make it as easy as possible to get you involved in building a better world. “How do you do that,” you might ask? We do it one school at a time, one cause at a time, one Break-a-Thon at a time, we are taking the leap together.

So if you, or a martial artist you know, want to use your skills in a tangible way, if you want to use your skills to help protect victims of violence and oppression, then Martial Arts for Justice wants you.

Find out how you can get involved with this year’s Breaking Boards Breaking Chains initiative to help end slavery by visiting: