Bushido Pick of the Week

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Bushido Pick of the Week: Drako TKD full shoulder Tie Up chest guard DKSC22
– Let the Foam Core take the Impact

Firstly, keeping the athletes’ safety in mind, Drako incorporates a foam core. This assists in shock absorbency from multiple kicks and punches. Which is important in helping to reduce injuries, and to train safely and longer.

– Abrasion Resistant Materials

Drako Sports utilizes abrasion-resistant materials to limit scratching and tearing to the shell. This feature is normally overseen by users. Having a chest guard that can withstand rips and tears, can save you your hard-earned money with early replacements.

– Quality Stitching and Construction

Handling the ups and downs of extreme training, the stitching in all stress points of this protector exceeds industry standards. Also, you don’t have to worry about the straps tearing or coming apart when fastening together.

– Comfortable to Wear by All Users

This chest guard is unisex, with a wide variety of sizes to choose from. The collar bone padding, sitting on top of the shoulders, covers the area nicely and doesn’t move around and distract the athlete. There is also a notable arched portion of the chest guard above the hip, giving the athlete lots of leg mobility.

– Affordable Choice for All

A chest guard is a main protective item for Taekwondo sparring. Most clubs and users will be required to wear a chest protector during class and competitions. Drako recognized this, so they created functional, yet affordable training equipment. In fact, this chest protector is widely popular in clubs across the country. In short, it remains to be our best-selling Taekwondo chest guard.