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Drako Deluxe V2 Body Shield DKTB333 – Bushido Pick of the Week

Listed below, you can see the KEY features of this shield.

  • Above All: Big-time Durability. Firstly, the V2 shield is one of Drako Sports’ most durable training aides in their lineup. Due to their reliability, and longevity to abuse, these shields can be found in many clubs across the country.
  • Super Dense Foam for Absorption. The thick, shock-absorbing inner foam core distributes the impact shock away from the user. This allows for a safe training session.
  • Can be Applied by Many Various Martial Arts Disciplines. The V2 shield can be used in various disciplines which utilize foot, knee and hand striking techniques.
  • Craftsmanship at its finest. The outer shell is constructed with thick and durable, scratch-resistant engineered leather. In addition, the stitching and thread are very high quality, with all its’ stress points reinforced.
  • Lastly: Engineered for High-Level Athletes. Mostly, this shield is best suited for athletes and individuals with heavy striking power. Also, it’s engineered to withstand extreme abuse. In conclusion, these shields were built to take on anything or anyone.

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