Bushido Pick of the Week – DRAKO COMP ARM & ELBOW GUARD DKSA25

– Full arm & elbow protection
These arm guards are perfect for anyone looking for a protector that covers the full length of the arm and elbow. These are also a great training aid for anyone that has previous injuries or aches, but still want to train at a high level, while reducing further injury to those areas. – Secure fit
With multiple Velcro straps across the forearm and elbow, these arm guards fit snug but still allow for a full range of motion.
– Used for various forms of martial arts
Although typically you would see these arm guards used by WT taekwondo athletes for training, these can be truly used by most other martial art forms that incorporate sparring in their practice.
– Detailed construction
The Drako Comp arm & elbow guards are all constructed with fine detail and inspected thoroughly to ensure a flawless product every time. The Velcro used has a strong bite, and lasts long despite constant wear and tear. The padding is dense and shock absorbent, while the outer vinyl shell is thick and resistant. – Multiple size choices
The Drako Arm & Elbow guards come in a full range of sizes from XS-XL, and compatible with male and female students of all ages. #bushido #bushidocanada #mixedmartialarts #martialartsequipment #bestequipment #pickoftheweek #buycanadian #elbowguards #drakosports