Bushido Pick of the Week 2 – Bushido Martial Arts


  • Multiple handles for a variety of use
    The Adidas striking shield is very unique as it has 3 grip bars, and 2 arm loops, on the back. This allows holding variations for the coach/trainer and gives many striking options for the student. These handles and grip bars really give the user a secure hold and better control of the shield during use.
  • The slight curve for a more controlled impact,
    The Adidas striking pad is designed with a slight curve which absorbs the force during impact and distributes it evenly throughout the shield. With 4 mesh openings, 2 per side, the airflow is driven out of the shield.
  • Synthetic leather construction
    This particular shield is made with 2 distinct forms of synthetic leather. For the front, the shield has a Maya style “diamond pattern” is used. This material is resistant to abrasions and holds up well to kicking techniques. The surrounding material is a thicker fabric, which is durable and holds everything together nicely.
  • Constructed well
    Like most Adidas products, these shields are constructed with the finest materials available. Most notably is the attention to detail on the stitching across all the stress areas, such as the handles and grip bars on the back. A high-quality Nylon lace is used and tied at the bottom, securing the high-density foam on the inside.
  • Lightweight target
    The lightness of this shield might be the best-selling feature of all. Even though it is able to handle its’ tough opponents, it can be used by all strengths and ages with ease.
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