Can Music Enhance Your Training Session?

Can Music Enhance Your Training Session? We think YES.

But what is it about music that seems to work so well? We have a few theories on the matter.

First of all, music is by far one of life’s best distractions. Focusing on music can allow you to settle your mind into the beat and flow. This allows your body and muscle memory to take over. In addition, you are more relaxed and able to focus when you aren’t tempted by surrounding distractions. Especially considering external distractions are forever changing and unpredictable.

Another point is to consider the benefit that rhythm can provide. When your body starts to feel the music, it can improve your flow and technique. It can also pump you up, which will drive you to exceed your limits.

Overall, it all comes down to having a consistent and controlled distraction, which allows you to focus solely on your training. So, Can Music Enhance Your Training Session? If you haven’t tried training with music yet, you should give it a chance to see what it does for you.

This article was inspired by T Nation article: Tip: Music Really Help You Train Harder?

The photo was taken at Box2Fit