One person can make a difference!

There are only a few days left to participate in the Defeat Violence contest! Imagine thousands of martial arts students, mobilized, and working towards a common goal of justice. Martial arts students can represent a powerful force in the fight against gender violence. With this in mind, Martial Arts for Justice is kicking off a campaign to raise funds to continue its fight against gender inequality and violence.

If you are Martial Arts Student, you can get involved in their campaign. And here’s how you can!

Canada Charity’s Great Canadian Giving Challenge, began on June 1st. For the entire month, every dollar donated (online) to Martial Arts of Justice gives the organization the chance to win a $20,000 prize! We are calling on martial arts students across Canada to assemble and become fundraisers for this worthy cause.

To enter, start a campaign through MAJ’s profile and recruit your friends and family to contribute. You may win awesome martial arts themed prize, but the real trophy is using your martial arts for justice.


One person can make a difference!

Don’t miss out on the chance to win $200 worth of Bushido Martial Arts equipment!



Campaign with the most total donations: $200 worth of Bushido equipment!

Campaign with the most contributors: $200 worth of Bushido equipment!

Various: Donating even $1 makes you eligible to win various other prizes!


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