How to introduce your kids into Boxing

How to introduce your kids into Boxing

Boxing is fantastic cardiovascular exercise and can teach children discipline, dedication and the fundamentals of fitness; essential skills for an active, healthy adult life. If you box or watch the sport, your kids probably take an interest and ask ‘how do you box?’ and ‘what are the rules?’. Share your passion with this how to guide:

What’s the best age?

You can do basic pads when they’re younger but to take them to a club to compete they should be at least eight years old and should train in their own age group. They wait to hit until it’s safe to do so. Some clubs will have a minimum age limit so always check.

What should they learn first?

If they haven’t learned a sport before then they need to start understanding the basics of athletics to begin with – body awareness, movement, and speed. A trained instructor will run through the basics to see their natural ability and take it from there.

This can include:

  • Skipping
  • Squats
  • Shadow boxing
  • Intervals
  • Pad work

Basic footwork is also a key aspect to learn, like backward shuffles and lateral movements with hands up and head down.

Before all this, they should be told how to be safe and be at the stage where they’re ready to listen and follow instructions carefully.

What equipment do they need?

To start with, a comfortable set of gym clothes – t-shirt, shorts – will be OK for them to get an idea if they like it and want to continue. They just shouldn’t be too baggy.

Once they’ve made that commitment and you can tell they will stick with it, they need kids boxing gloves, hand wraps, gum shields, boots, clothing, and head guards to match their size.

Club’s will provide the majority of safety kit and accessories but owning their own gloves for example as a reward for good practise is a great incentive. Having their own kit also allows them to practise while supervised at home.

How do I find a club?

Check online for those in your area that have good reviews and ask around to see if other parents send their children to a particular club over another. If your child knows a friend going, their club would be a sociable option if all other aspects check out.

For you, it’s important the class times work for drop-offs and pick-ups so check the timetable and your commitments carefully.

Is boxing safe for children?

When supervised and properly instructed boxing is a safe and rewarding sport for young boys and girls to learn. If you ever have any doubts, stay and watch the class and ask questions at the end to learn more.

Parents who don’t box are likely to have more questions to ask and this is completely normal.

How can I keep them motivated?

If it’s something they want to do they’ll just need support and reassurance, especially when practising something new. Let them know they are doing a good job and check in with them that they find it fun. This is half the battle.

Some clubs will run special events and host kid’s cups which are great for junior boxers to get involved in. A lot of the time it’s about being the best you can be rather than the result – taking part really is the best bit.

If they start young, they can really go on to excel, or at the very least, it’s an active after school activity.

Getting your kids to try new things is great for them. They’ll learn more about themselves and their world, and learn to get outside their comfort zone and grow.
This article was inspired by: How to get kids into boxing by Boxfit UK.