Nationals 2019

Gatineau, Quebec (home to the 2019 National Karate Championships) is a VERY COLD place. With temperatures that will turn anyone toes into popsicles, it’s no wonder their warm-gooey poutine is so good! After we landed there, I went straight to work cutting the last little bit of weight off in a fancy hotel gym. Once I made weight it was time to hit the rehydration stations hard and tried to stay warm while exploring Quebec and resting up for the tournament ahead. 

Day one of the championships was amazing, both men’s and women’s para kata/kata had some astonishing performances and upsets. At the tail end of the day, everyone was getting a bit tired and run down due to some delays but the kumite fights did not disappoint! Roaring crowds cheering for their favourite province, athletes sweating out every last drop of talent on that tatami. It still makes my heart race thinking about it. 

Day 2 – my division was up first. I was in the zone. My mind felt sharp, my punches fast, and my kicks could destroy people’s body protectors. My favourite part of the warm up is putting on my gear. It feels like I’m putting on my armour to go into battle. And that last movement of tying the knots on my Drako Sport Kumite Gi brought it all together. After a few long and hard fights, I came out with a 5th place finish and a very sore nose (haha). Something less than I expected but still respectable. Next year rumours that senior nationals will be back on the western side of the country, so me and my coaches are already planning on what the next year of training and tournaments will bring. 

I would like to thank Bushido for always supporting me and my goals, but also for showing me that the thumbs on the Adidas gloves were the best change-over I could have made competitively last year. I have had an 85% decrease in thumb injuries since the switch and my lunches have reached a whole new level. 

Also, a huge thank you to my coaches, training partners, Karate Alberta, friends, and family. Being here doing what I do everyday is made possible by my support network. 

Next stop? Podium. 

Congratulations to Ashtin for holding 5thplace at the 2019 National Karate Championships!




AGE 27

“I tried my first martial arts class when I was 7 years old, and immediately found myself LOVING it. Over the years my passion in karate has grown and changed along with me and my life. My favourite aspect of karate is that it challenges me not only as an athlete, but also as a person. It gives me the opportunity to face my fears and develop who am I into who I want to be. Outside of karate I love spending time with my friends and family and dogs. In my down time I enjoy playing Pokemon, paintball, Settlers of Catan and Dance Dance Revolution.”

2nd place Team Kumite US Open Championships
3rd place 2018 Team Kumite Canadian National Championships
9th place 2018 Canadian National Championships
1st place 2017 Irish International Karate Open
1st place 2017 Karate Alberta Provincial Championships
2nd place -55, 3rd place Open weight, Canada Open Karate Championships
5th place 2017 Canadian National Championships
3rd place 2017 Team Kumite Canadian National Championships
1st place Open weight, 2nd place -61, 3rd place kata 2016 Karate BC Provincial Championships
2nd place 2016 Karate BC Open Provincial Championships

5th place 2005 Canadian National Championships
5th place 2004 Jr. Pan American Championships
2nd place 2004 Canadian National Championships