Tips from the Pros

Our friends over at Cleto Reyes recently published a couple blogs that we felt obliged to share as they were very informative in providing tips in choosing the right training equipment and understanding the world of boxing. Check them out!

1. How to Choose the Correct Glove:

There is a wide selection of gloves, different styles, weight and colors. If you are wondering which is the best glove for your here we show you how to find it!

First you need to know the type of gloves:

Professional Boxing Gloves: They are specially made for boxing matches, with special materials and weights. If you weight between 105 and 147 lbs you need a 8 oz glove, if you weigh more than 154 lbs you need a 10 oz glove. Remember these gloves are only for professional boxing fights, Cleto Reyes professional gloves are made to be used a maximum of 32 rounds.

Training Gloves: Specially designed to give you the best protection to your knuckles and wrist. Training gloves come in many styles: traditional lace, hook and loop and Cleto Reyes has also the hybrids (lace and velcro at the same time). Training gloves also come in different weights; 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz. You need to choose the correct glove depending on your weight.

12 oz: 105 to 126 lbs.
14 oz: 130 to 145 lbs.
16 oz & 18 oz: 160 lbs and up.

Bag Gloves: Mostly used for heavy bags, punching mitt workout and hitting the speed bag. They are lightweight and create a harder impact. The bag gloves only come by hand size; X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Now that you know the difference between each glove you can make and easier decision, if you are going to practice sparring the training gloves will be the optimum choice. If you’re practicing speed, coordination and mobility the bag gloves can help you out. Got it? Now choose your gloves.

2. Simple Boxing Tips:


Breathing is really important! Sometimes we don’t notice but improper breathing can make you get tired sooner and faster. When you are punching you need to take a breath before the punch or combination and as you begin to throw the punch breath out, then just repeat: breath and breath out, breath and breath out. Simple right? Don’t forget it.

Keeping this steps will help you increase not only your endurance but your punching power!


As boxers the hands are very important but we must not forget the feet. The movement of your feet will make you faster to move in or out of the way when a punch is coming or when you need to get near your opponent. The footwork is very important not only when your fighting or sparring but when your training and hitting the bag, you always need to be light and not put too much weight on your front foot because you could lose balance easily and go directly to the mat.


We all have our favorite combination but that doesn’t mean we only practice or do one combination. We need to work on different movements, combinations of not only 1 or 2 punches but three or more, doing combinations of three punches for example will have more power that if you only throw a single punch.