COVID-19 Shipping Notice

COVID-19 Shipping Notice

There is ‘Shortage of everything’ including labour due to the spread of the coronavirus, slowing operations at ports, suspending shipments, and impacting Freight & Shipping Delays.

“There is a non-stop demand for ocean freight from Asia which continues to overwhelm our ports. This keeps ships waiting outside ports which drive cargo rates up. Due to these events, costs have escalated to over 240%, delays have increased to twice as long and retailers are struggling to keep inventory levels up and provide a decent supply. The US and Canada are still experiencing high volumes and port congestion which have added to these lengthy delivery times”

Dear Customers,

It’s been challenging over the last year and there seems no end to the pandemic. We have managed to keep supply to the demand most of the time, but with the slow recovery in our international factories we are now facing backlogs in receiving our stock. Some of our shipments have been delayed for over 7 weeks waiting for available space on freight vessels.

Should we be out of stock, please be patient as we continue to look for avenues to overcome these increasing obstacles of shortages, costs and delays. Please ask for assistance in product substitutions to fulfil yours and your client’s needs. We remain committed to the vision of supplying your needs, and endeavor always to maintain mutual business and operations feasibility.