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Traditional martial arts of the Philippines and South East Asia use a rattan stick to replicate a steel sword or bolo, due to its durability and resistance to breaking (rattan is also used for the striking weapons in the Society for Creative Anachronism’s full-contact “heavy combat”). Rattan is an extremely durable reed style wood (made from many fibers) that is lightweight, impact resistant and easy to hold.  Due to the nature of the wood, it absorbs some impact and does not split in half (unlike hard wood) making these safer for training than hard wood sticks. As Rattan grows, it creates “Nodes” which denote growth changes. As these nodes are denser and more compact, is traditionally believed to make the sticks more durable, and the more nodes on one stick the better.  This stick features multiple nodes along its length, and has a natural, lacquered finish. 29” Long, approx. ¾” diameter, unpeeled. Sold singly.

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