Drako 2KO Elite Boxing Gloves




The Drako 2KO Elite Boxing Gloves are designed for high performance and are ideal for training, sparring, and combat. Pro fighters assisted in the design and testing of these 16oz boxing gloves. Because of this, they are some of the most comfortable and effective gloves on the market.

Product Features:

  • High grade cowhide leather
  • Wider wrist strap
  • Velcro closure
  • Hand-moulded pad construction
  • 16oz
  • High quality pad construction reduces hand fatigue
  • Perfect for training, sparring, and combat
  • One size fits all

2KO Elite Boxing Gloves Description:

The 2KO Elite Boxing Gloves are 100% cowhide leather, which is preferable to the covering materials used in vinyl boxing gloves. This is because leather is more durable due to its natural ability to morph under pressure. This means that leather boxing gloves will last longer than gloves of lower quality.

Due to the 2KO Elite's wider wrist strap, these gloves provide more wrist support than comparable gloves. As a result, a user is less likely to suffer from forearm fatigue or wrist injuries.

We designed the hand compartment with comfort and stability in mind. We had pro fighters test prototype versions of these gloves in order to provide us with feedback which we then used to alter and refine the design, resulting in a hand-moulded pad and hand compartment that is extremely comfortable.

The Velcro closure strap system makes it easy to put these gloves on, as well as to take them off. This is especially useful during training that requires quick application and removal in between different workout activities.

The Drako 2KO Elite Boxing Gloves contain 16ozs of padding, so offer a very high level of protection for the hands as well as for sparring partners.

All Drako boxing gloves are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, but our Elite gloves are one of our best offerings for those looking for high grade sparring gear.

If you are looking for womens boxing gloves, the 2KO Elites are perfect due to their sleek unisex design.

Customers seeking a quality sparring, training, or combat boxing gloves will find that the Drako 2KO Elites are an ideal choice. They are not professional boxing gloves because of their extra padding and Velcro closure strap, but their design and quality provides users with a professional-level product.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

Black, Red, Blue


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