Drako CLassic Ce St Shin Instep
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Drako Classic CE-ST Shin Instep

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  • CLASSIC LOOK WITH MODERN MATERIALS: The Classic CE shin gives you that “old school” vibe that many
  • EXTRA THICK PADDING FOR SAFETY: This layer of protection helps against shock upon contact and disperses the energy away from the user
  • STAND OUT FROM THE REST: Striking colour combinations and design to ensure you will stand out from the crowd


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With the Gold Drako sword combined with the midnight black base, this Drako Classic CE-ST Shin Instep has an amazing aesthetic look and feel to it. Tough and functional, this Drako Classic offers full foot protection with dense foam padding and velcro closure with steel buckle loops. Feel fierce with this protector, now!

Drako Classic CE-ST Shin Instep Details:

  • Classic look with modern materials
  • Super thick padding for safety
  • Full instep padding
  • Eye-catching design
  • Colours available: Black/Gold
  • Sizes available: S/M, L/XL

Drako ensures that all factories that manufacture their products are ISO approved. This means that the factories meet acceptable, safe, and humane working conditions for labourers.

Drako Classic CE-ST Shin Instep Description:

The Classic CE shin gives you that “old school” vibe that many customers still appreciate, but also gives you the benefits of modern technology in the material used. The Outer shell is tough, breathable and helps against tears and abrasion. Meanwhile, the entire Tibia portion of the protector boosts heavy duty injected foam. This layer of protection helps against shock upon contact and disperses the energy away from the user.

The Classic CE shin covers the majority of the athlete’s instep and toes. This helps prevent injury from miss kicks or contact against a training partners elbows, knees or shin. The Craftmanship of these shin guards are incredible and is very evident once in your hands. From the Velcro, straps, outer shell and down to the stitching used, Drako takes pride and joy in their quality of work.


Wearing protective gear during intense training sessions is of utmost importance, as we have accepted after years of suffering preventable injuries. However, knowing what to look for in your equipment is essential in efforts to protect yourself and find longevity in your equipment. Here are some helpful points to consider when deciding which gear is right for you:

1)       What material is used in construction?

2)       What protective qualities are unique to the model?

3)       How easy is it to clean the product?

4)       Tight, yet comfortable fit for mobility?

5)       Is cheaper necessarily better? What aspects are you sacrificing for the price?

6)       Are you paying more for the brand or the functionality?

To feel confident in yourself, you must first feel confident in your equipment. We at Bushido recommend you make your own short list of questions, and be sure to feel confident in answering all of them before committing to bringing something new into your training regime!

Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 20 × 16 cm


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