Drako Grappling Gloves Vinyl
Drako Grappling Gloves Vinyl (Chop)

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  • FIND DURABILITY IN VINYL: High-grade vinyl outer shell reduces wear and tear from training
  • LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The high-density foam offers maximum impact absorbency 
  • IDEAL FOR YOUTH: Ideal for youth light point sparring 
  • HUMANELY CONSTRUCTED: All Drako products are ISO approved, meeting safe and humane working conditions for their labourers


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With a high-grade vinyl outer shell and foam core, the Drako Grappling Gloves Vinyl (Chop) are ideal for light point sparring in youth and beginners. The added Velcro straps allow for easy in and out access and add extra stability for the wrists. All around these are a fantastic set of grappling gloves for all athletes.

Drako Grappling Gloves Vinyl (Chop) Details:

  • High-grade vinyl outer shell
  • Impact absorbing foam core
  • Ideal for youth light point sparring
  • Easy to slip on with Velcro wrist strap
  • Available Sizes: Child-XL
  • Available Colours: Black

Drako ensures that all factories that manufacture their products are ISO approved. This means that the factories meet acceptable, safe, and humane working conditions for labourers.


MMA Competition Gloves vs. Sparring Gloves vs. Grappling Gloves


Competition gloves – These gloves typically have very little padding. Many pro-level fighters can be seen wearing 4oz gloves, while most amateur level fighters are recommended to wear more protection and choose the 6oz gloves. Their free-fingered design allows fighters to strike and also hold onto their opponents. It’s important to still use hand wraps with these gloves, as you will rely on them for added protection.


Sparring gloves – More often than not, sparring gloves’ padding will weigh in around 7oz. Sparring workouts will focus on your striking and punching techniques, therefore, you want to be prepared in order to maintain stamina. Similar to bag & boxing gloves, sparring gloves will feature a grip bar that will help you form a tight. Protection is key in sparring scenarios, whether drilling on a bag or with an opponent, and these gloves will keep your knuckles in optimal fight condition.


Grappling gloves – These gloves are often referred to as “hybrid” or “training” gloves. Their purpose is typically to protect your hands in clinch work or grappling, thus, they’ll have less padding than both sparring and competition gloves. The padding only extends up to the second knuckle, giving your hands and fingers enough room to grapple while still having protection.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 27.94 × 15.24 × 10.16 cm

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