Drako Power Gel Boxing Headgear
Drako Power Gel Boxing Headgear Drako Old Boy Training Boxing Headgear
Drako Power Gel Boxing Headgear

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  • HAVE MORE VISIBILITY: With this open-face construction, you will have more vision than the typical headgear 
  • ENJOY LEATHER: Try out what quality equipment feels like with this authentic leather
  • MORE GEL PROTECTION: Extra gel padding on sides and top of the head will keep you feeling safe during training


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Show off your skills and moves with the eye-catching Drako Power Gel Boxing Headgear in Racing Yellow. With full leather, open face construction and extra gel padding on sides and top of the head, there is no doubt that you will be combat ready!


Drako Power Gel Boxing Headgear Details:

  • Full leather open face construction
  • Extra gel padding on sides and top of the head
  • Available Colours: Black/Yellow
  • Available Sizes: M, L, XL


All Drako’s factories are ISO approved. This means that the factories meet acceptable, safe, and humane working conditions for labourers, so you can feel good about where your gear comes from.


The Importance of Training Headgear

The head and face deserve our most careful protection. Headgear is much more important than just reducing the impact made to the head during training, it’s also essential for our long-term well being. Some of the more common injuries include black eyes, cauliflower ears, cuts, and bruises. These sorts of injuries are easily preventable. In addition, they can affect life outside of training, like the workplace, where you may want to protect your looks. More serious injuries can include perforated eardrums or a broken nose. Having a good piece of headgear will give you confidence in the ring so that you can put 100% of your focus into your technique.

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 20 cm

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